Vintage Sewing Makes

Hello my friends! Welcome to my blog Crumpets, Tea, and Sewing! This blog is intended to share many of my vintage and retro sewing projects.

Vintage and retro styles is the current trend throughout the world. Don’t believe me? Just type the words… vintage styles, vintage fashion, retro clothing etc… on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and/or Pinterest. Vintage and retro styles are all the rave! Although I strive to be unique, I really LOVE the vintage and retro styles. I especially like the mid 20th century developments in fashion and style. For me, this is the period in the United States between the 1930s – 1960s. I absolutely adore the styles that originate from this period.

Unfortunately, this is the period when Americans, especially blacks and whites, lived in extremely segregated communities. Thus, you don’t see many pictures of black women in the fashion industry showcasing these well known and adored styles. Even today, you really don’t see any images of black women embracing the mid century styles. I guess in this way, I am very unique!

I have, however, found a few images of “everyday” and celebrity black women wearing “modern” day (at the time) styles that white women would wear. It is, sometimes, frustrating seeing all of these photos of vintage images or modern day vintage refashions/makes embraced by all cultures including Caucasians, Asians, Australians, Europeans etc, but not embraced by black women. The model The Black Pinup has done exceptionally well at embracing this part of our history. I would love to see many more women of color do the same.

To be clear, I’m NOT posting my thoughts and feelings on this matter to spur a racial debate about vintage sewing makes and fashion! I am simply stating that it would be nice to see black women embrace some of these vintage/retro styles today. With that said, I want to end things here on a positive note! Below are a few inspiring images of black women during the mid 20th century wearing, what we call today, vintage style clothing. These ladies are stunning, and the styles are just fabulous!


I am very excited to start on my vintage sewing plans for 2018. Stay tuned for an update on my progress. I will be sure to post my vintage and retro sewing makes on this blog. Checkout the page titled Vintage Sewing Makes and browse the subcategories listed within the dropdown menu for sewing ideas and inspiration . I look forward to hearing from you! Best Wishes,