Simplicity S9109 Vintage Skirt

Hi friends! As promised, here’s my review of the wrap skirt that I made with this gorgeous Lady McElroy Viscose Challis Fabric! I gave a review and details about the fabric in my previous blog post, so I won’t go into too much detail about the fabric here. Instead, I will share my experience sewing the pattern used to create this beautiful drapey wrap skirt.


The Simplicity S9109 is an easy to sew wrap skirt pattern that features four variations. This is a unique wrap skirt because unlike most wrap skirt patterns that feature waist ties for the closure, this pattern is designed for button closures. You may be thinking… “but is it beginner friendly”. My answer would be yes! It is definitely easy enough for a beginner with minimal sewing skills to sew. Specifically, views A, B, and D call for two functional buttonholes and buttons. The buttonholes are placed on the waistband, one buttonhole on the inside and one buttonhole on the outside.

I chose View D for this project, however I didn’t use the sash because I didn’t have enough fabric to make it. This pattern is simple in construction consisting of 4-5 pattern pieces for each view. The best features of this pattern include the versatility of the type of fabrics you can choose and how easy it is to put together. At most, this is a 2-3 hour project.

Alterations and Adjustments Surprisingly, I didn’t have to make any adjustments or alterations to this skirt pattern. It truly is a wonderful quick and easy sew. Any modifications made to this skirt would most likely be for personal preference. I selected a size 18 for this pattern, which is approximately 32-33” waist.


Although I didn’t find any drawbacks to this pattern, I do have one suggestion that may help you while sewing the pattern. Mostly, I found the front self facing to be unstable as I was creating my fold lines. Specifically, it is difficult creating those self facing with viscose, challis, rayon, and silky type fabrics. I would suggest stabilizing the self facing pieces with a light weight interfacing before creating your fold lines for your facing.

I very much enjoyed this pattern and would definitely make it again. This is a perfect pattern for beginners and advanced beginners who like wrap skirts and easy projects.
I hope today’s blog post was helpful. Thank you for taking the time to read it today! Blessings!


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