Butterick B6710 Vintage Style Top

Hi friends! Are you looking for a quick and easy top with a classic loose fitting shilouette and vintage style? This Butterick B6710 would make for a great pattern for advanced beginners.

Before I give you the details of the pattern used to make this top, let’s talk about this gorgeous fabric sponsored by Minerva! I love everything about this fabric. It is a Lady McElroy Viscose Challis Fabric with a soft hand and fluid drape.


This light weight woven fabric have a navy blue background with cream flowers; it is perfect for loose fitting skirts, pants, and tops that falls away from the body. I especially love the pattern on this fabric because it have a classic vintage style and drape. Since this fabric is light in weight it would be more appropriate for Spring, Summer, and Autumn.

This Butterick B6710 pattern is great for advanced beginners who have experience sewing buttonholes because there aren’t many details on the bodice, which makes for an easy sew.

I made a two piece matching set with this lovely fabric; however, today I’m sharing my review of the top. A review of the skirt pattern will be featured in an upcoming blog post soon. So stay tuned.

The pattern features a loose fitting top with three options including sleeve and neckline variations. I selected View A for this project, which features a V neck blouse with three-quarter length sleeves. The sleeve pattern for View A calls for elastic; however, I added a cuff to the end of my sleeves to give my top a vintage style. The pattern is super easy consisting of approximately five pattern pieces for View A, six pattern pieces if you decide to add the cuff.

The pattern calls for buttons to be placed on the center front of the garment for the closure. I used a set of cream vintage floral buttons that I purchased on Etsy. They are perfect for this style of top and fabric.

Alterations and Adjustments
I made my standard alterations and adjustments to get a desirable fitting garment. Mostly, I made a bicep and slopping shoulder adjustments, and I shortened the length of the pattern by an inch.

Although this was an easy and quick sewing make, I would caution beginners and advanced beginners before making this pattern. Specifically, I found the sleeve head to have more ease than necessary for the pattern. As a result, I had to gather the sleeve head, leaving my garment with quite a few gathers at the head of the sleeves.

Overall, my favorite details of this pattern are the gathered sleeves with cuffs, and the faux pussybow neck tie (which I was unable to make because I didn’t have enough fabric). Although I didn’t make the necktie for this top, I would certainly make it in the future. I find this pattern to be flattering for all body types having much potential for personalized modifications.

I enjoyed making this pattern, and would recommend it to advanced beginners who have experience with making buttonholes.

In addition, I’m thrilled the fabric used for this project worked for me and I’m excited to have this two piece vintage top and skirt in my memade wardrobe. This fabric is one you won’t want to pass up.

I hope you enjoyed today’s blog post! Leave a comment and let me know what you think of this beautiful drapey vintage top! I can’t wait to hear your thoughts! I’ll be posting the review of the skirt pattern shortly!



Tea Ray Grover

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