Mood Fabric’s Reversible Apron

Hi friends! I’m ready to share my latest make with you! Recently, I’ve made an apron with some fabric that was sponsored by Mood Fabrics. I don’t know about you, but I get bothered by searching my craft room for notions and similar items when I’m in my full on sewing mode. I have always wanted an apron; however, I never made time to sew one for myself. After I selected this Midnight Navy and White Sewing Knick Knacks fabric from Mood Fabrics, I knew instantly that I was going to use this fabric to make an apron.

The Midnight Navy and White Knick Knacks fabric is a cotton twill that’s 98% cotton and 2% elastane. Similar to most cotton twills, this fabric has a stiff drape and is ideal for making trousers, structured skirts, jackets, and well… aprons! I love all the sewing notions on this piece! It is perfect for a smock to be worn while sewing.

The pattern that I chose for this project is the It’s Sew Simple McCall’s L9416. I’m sure this is not the original item number. However, you can find a copy of this pattern at Walmart in the US.

This project takes about an hour to make. However, I made a few changes to my final version. So, it took a little long to complete it. First, I used the waist ties from another pattern (Kwik Sew K4284). Secondly, I made this particular smock reversible. That means, I had to cut out the bib and pocket piece twice and I had to sew the two bib pieces together right sides facing.

But before I assembled the garment together, I made a small adjustment to the neckline of the bib. The original bib that I cut out and used as a mock up had roughly a 2 inch gap at the neckline. I pinched that out and redrafted the pattern piece. I also removed about 3” of length from the neckband/strap because it was too long for my short neck. Those are the only adjustments that I made to this pattern.

Surprise! Surprise! It’s reversible! I used a secondary fabric for contrast and for the reversible side of the smock. This black and white polka dot shirting fabric was a remnant that I had in my stash for about a year. I made a button up shirt last year, and I had about a yard of this fabric remaining. It was perfect for this project.

Surprise! Surprise! It’s Reversible!

Here’s a little sewing tip I’d love to share with you! Do you ever have trouble maintaining the curve of a hem like on a pocket or shirt? I have a very easy solution that is guaranteed to work! Whenever I’m sewing a pocket I like to use hem tape or bias binding to finish the raw edge and maintain the shape of the curve.

First, I pin, then sew the hem tape to the pocket with right sides facing. Next, I clip the curves to relieve any stress, so the fabric can relax. Then, I turn the hem tape inward (to the under/ wrong side of the pocket). I press the hem tape in place. Finally, I place the pocket on the garment and stitch the pocket in place using an edge stitch.

This pattern is simple and easy to sew, perfect for beginners and sewers of all skill levels. I love the way that my apron turned out and I will be making another smock soon. Mostly, I would love to have two more aprons, one for covering my clothes when I apply my makeup, and another one to wear while I prepare and cook meals.

I hope this review helps! Please leave a comment and let me know your thoughts. Thank you for stopping by. Until next time, stay creative!



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