Pattern Review | See & Sew B6437

Hello all my wonderful friends! I know I don’t post often here, but I try to at least post something once a month. Today, I want to share with you a pattern review of this See & Sew B6437 pattern that I’ve made several times. This pattern has become my new “go to” pattern for several reasons. I absolutely adore this style of dress, and I’ll be sure to tell you why! So, sit tight and learn more about why I am in love with this pattern.

Pattern Description:“This is a pullover dress that has close-fitting bodice variations, elasticized waist, narrow hem, and neckband variations”. View A also features a belt that can be made from the same or similar fabrics.

Pattern Review: The See and Sew B6437 pattern is a very simple and easy pattern that takes about 1- 3 hours to make (depending on your skill level). I made three dresses with this pattern so far, and it has taken me about 1 1/2 hours to make each one.

The pattern consists of the bodice front and back, the skirt front and back, the sleeves, and a neckband (used also as the facing). The dress also features a cute little sash should you feel the desire to make one. I only made the belt for one the the dresses. It was straightforward and simple to make!


There are two variations to this pattern. Variation A is a long sleeve dress that features a V neckband and belt. Variation B is a long dress with sleeves that features a round neckband and no belt. I did a combination of both variations. I put the sleeves on each of the three dresses I made, and I made two dresses with the round neckband and one with the V neckband.

Instructions: Easy to Follow?
The instructions consists of 23 easy to read steps. The pattern pieces were easy to assemble and I had little to no complications with sewing the pieces together. However, the instructions on how to complete the V neckband were not as easy to follow as the rest of the steps. I think this would not be a problem for intermediate and advanced sewers.  My recommendations for beginners is to read the instructions, specifically steps 4 & 5, before cutting your fabric. These steps are easy to read and follow, but can be a little confusing, especially if you’ve never sewn a V neckband before.

What I liked and disliked about this pattern:

Overall, I love almost everything about this pattern! I like the easiness of the pattern, the close-fitting silhouette, and the amount of volume the skirt has.  However, I do not like how low the waistline drops. The waistline on this dress doesn’t fall at the natural waistline (which is something that I am used to). When I make another dress, I will be sure to adjust the waistline. Also, the skirt is very long, longer than it needs to be. I had to cut about 3-4 inches from the lower portion of the dress. I really can’t say anything bad about this pattern though. It is a very simple make that is true to size (at least true to my size).

Alterations & Adjustments Made:

I did not have to make any alterations to this pattern. I was very surprised by this. I almost always have to make adjustments to the bicep and arms of the sleeves,  but not with this dress. The bodice, waist, and hips of this dress fits perfectly! The neckband also fits perfectly. Therefore, there’s no gaping at the neckline. I cut a size 14 for my daughter and a size 16 for myself, and I didn’t have to do any grading.

 To conclude,

This was a fun and easy pattern, and I would most certainly make this pattern again. I would recommend this pattern to sewists of all skill levels.

If you wish to watch my video on this pattern review click on this link here! I post videos often, so if you want to see more of my various works on a regular basis follow me on YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram.

Thank you for visiting the blog. Until next time…

Stay Creative!



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