Spring 2018 Pattern Haul

Go get some of these amazing new spring 2018 patterns! Sales end soon!

Hello my friends! Today, I went to my local Joann Fabrics store and picked up some lovely commercial patterns. Hardcore sewing enthusiasts are quite aware of the AMAZING sales that Hobby Lobby and Joann Fabrics have on sewing patterns. The .99 cent, $1.99, $2.49, and $4.99 deals that they often have on commercial patters are so hard to pass up. In fact, many of us find it quite hard to avoid over buying these commercial patterns because we can get them at such a great price. I find it especially hard to pass up the new retro (or reproduction) patterns that Simplicity have been marketing. Nowadays, vintage and retro patterns seem to cost as much as my weekly grocery bill. Therefore, I jump at the opportunity to buy these commercial retro patterns when I have the chance.

In addition to themodern styles that were released this early spring, Simplicity released several retro style patterns as well. I am really excited to make these patterns, because I love sewing retro and vintage style clothing.

Before I do my “show and tell”  Pattern Haul of the early spring patterns that was just released, I want to share with you some of the vintage and retro patterns that I’ve been watching for sometime now. Some of these patterns were purchased from Joann Fabrics, while others were purchased from EBay. I will make note of the cost and place of purchase for each pattern under each image.

I already have a tall order of sewing projects to complete this year; I doubt that I will get to use these patterns this year. But ya never know!

First on my list is the very popular Butterick B6374 Retro 1944′ Pattern!

Butterick B6374 2

Top:Butterick B6374 Retro 1944′ dress,  Purchase Place: Joann Fabrics,   Price: $1.99 

I Just love the swooped collar detail and the gathers on the side of this dress is simply stunning. The image above of the woman in the red dress is view B, featured without buttons. I really love this view; although, I think I will add buttons.

The second pattern on my list is Butterick B5813, another popular retro pattern. 

Butterick B5813.jpg

Top: Butterick B5813 Retro 1956′,   Purchase Place:Joann Fabrics,   Price:$1.99

My favorite color is blue! Seeing this Butterick Retro Style Pattern featured in blue really made me want to purchase it immediately! The pattern has three views which features long and short sleeves and the option of making a full skirt or a sheath dress – both of which I love.

I love everything about this pattern. However, I’m more in love with view A because it features a collarand  gathers on the upper front bodice. In addition, I just LOVE sheath dresses! The image above of the woman in blue is an example of view A of this pattern.  Below is an image of the several views and features Butterick Patterns B6374 and B5813 has to offer.


Next up are two patterns that I have been eyeing on EBay for a long time, Simplicity 1777 or 0261 and Butterick B6087. I had both of these patterns in my cart on EBay for about a year now. I was hoping that Joann Fabrics or Hobby Lobby would eventual restock the Simplicity 1777 pattern, so I could purchase it for .99 cent. But they never restocked this pattern at all last year. I believe the pattern is out of print now. Anyways, I gave up waiting and bought the pattern two weeks ago for $5.95 on EBay. It wasn’t a bad deal! Truthfully, I try to stick with the .99 cent patterns. I prefer to spend my money on sewing notions that are more needed. So, why do I like this pattern?

Simplicity 1777 or 0261 is a 1940’s retro style pattern.

Honestly, I really wanted to purchase the McCall’s 5225, 1944′ vintage pattern, after watchingAngela Clayton’s YouTube video on making a 1940’s inspired floral dress. However, this pattern is out of print and has not been reproduced. In addition, I have been unsuccessful at finding a copy on EBay and/or Etsy. Thus, I opted to purchase the Simplicity 1777 pattern because it has similar features as the McCall’s 5225 pattern. 

Although the Simplicity 1777 pattern slightly differs from that of the McCall’s 5225 vintage pattern, the overall 1940’s style is quite similar, especially the style of the midriff and gathers in the  front bodice section. I absolutely love this style! 

McCall 5225, 1944 Vintage Pattern
Butterick B6087

Above is an image of the Butterick B6087 view B peplum style dress, which I also purchased on EBay. I believe I paid $6.25 for this pattern, which is a bit on the expensive side for me. I have made a personal goal NOT to purchase any patterns over $5.00. I did not adhere to that rule here. I purchased this pattern because I love the peplum on the dress; It’s a really nice detail, and for curvy women like myself, the peplum has will likely conceal certain body parts such as the belly. You can purchase this pattern from the Butterick website, here; however, this pattern is out-of-print, so I doubt that it will be around much longer. 

img_4231Ok! Let’s talk about some of Simplicity’s Early 2018 Spring Patterns!

My first purchase was Simplicity 8573! (And let me just say that I purchased all of these patterns at the same time from Joann Fabrics for .99 cent; however, this pattern caught my eye first because it is a hat pattern).

I just had to buy a nice hat pattern. I’ve been looking for a nice commercial hat pattern for some time. I did purchase a very old vintage vogue hat pattern from an EBay seller; however, I was very unimpressed! The pattern and the directions were on the same print out and I believe the buyer actually scanned the pattern as a PDF file and printed the file on some kind of standard copy paper. I don’t know! Maybe it is just me! This pattern has four views. I like view A! It is featured in the image below with the white daisy flower. 


Simplicity 8593, the image on the left, is a super nice 1940’s vintage kimono type blouse.It features six views giving you the option to add a midriff tie belt at the waist, tie on the neck, or collar. I’m leaning toward making view D with the midriff tie belt. 

Simplicity 8593 View D
Simplicity 8593 View D, Back

 I also picked up the following patterns at Joann Fabrics. Simplicity 8551 is a really cute spring dress! I’m in love with view D, which features the eyelets on the front bodice. 

Simplicity 8551

I feel like Simplicity 8543would make a nice church dress. I think I’m going to make view C, without the flouncy sleeves. 

Simplicity 8543
simplicity 8609
Simplicity 8609

I just think the above pattern, Simplicity 8609is stunning. I love a really nice pleat skirt pattern! Pleat and gather skirts are among my favorite sewing items to make.This pattern comes with five views – two views of the skirt and three views of the top.Although I like the style of view A,  I don’t like wearing revealing clothing. If I were to make the view A top, I would adjust the length so that it covers my stomach.

img_4228Finally the Burda Style 6834 and Burda Young 6661 Patterns! 

I’m no expert when it comes to sewing Burda Style patterns. I have only used one Burda Style Pattern before, Burda 7137 and  my experience with that pattern was not a positive one! To be fair, a host of things went wrong when I was sewing this pattern, things that had nothing to do with the instructions, design, or skill level of the pattern. My three-year-old son got ahold of my thread snips and made all sorts of cuts on the front of the dress, just beneath the crotch area. It was a disaster. I had to undo all the seams and remove the front section of the dress in order to save it. I had planned on using an applique, but the placement of the applique near the crotch area seemed very awkward. So, I opted for removing the front section instead. Anyways, you can read more about that here.  I will be posting sewing tips on how to salvage projects that go wrong later this week, so stay tuned for that post!

Burda 6834
Burda 6834 View B 

img_4235As I mentioned previously, I am no expert of Burda Patterns. However, I do feel as though my review of the one pattern that I have been working with is very objective and unbiased. I do feel as though the Burda pattern that I have worked with lack instructions and details. Nevertheless, I am willing to give Burda another chance! I’m hoping that these two patterns will work better than the last one. 

Mostly, I love a good flounce skirt pattern as much as I love a good pleat and gather skirt pattern. These type of skirts are staple items for me. I haven’t had any luck finding a flouncy skirt pattern similar to the above pattern among Simplicity, McCall, or Butterick patterns (all of which I am more accustomed to sewing). 

Although I love the Burda Young 6661 pattern a great deal, if it turns out that I hate the pattern I won’t cry about it! It’s a really nice stylish jacket and can also be a nice staple item; however, there are plenty of blazer/jacket patterns out there among the big 4 pattern companies. 

I already have many projects that I pledged to complete this year including my#2018makeninesewing list. I doubt I will get to make any of these patterns this year. I will likely put these patterns on my 2019 Make Nine List. But let’s make it through 2018 first!

I hope I piqued your interests with my new spring 2018 pattern haul! I would say this is the last pattern haul post I’m making for 2018. But we know that would not be true!

Have you had a chance to browse the new early spring 2018 patterns? Have you made any purchases yet? Which patterns do you like? Have you had a chance to sew any of the patterns listed here? If so, please share your experience! I would love to here about it! Comment below and tell me what you are considering purchasing this spring!

Best wishes, 


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  1. OK. Now that I’ve seen how many beautiful patterns you actually have…some of which were in my stash, maybe we don’t need to “get together” for a send you some more! ๐Ÿ˜‰ You have your hands full of what you love and a sweet little one. I will do a post of all my pattern very soon and if you like any I’ll save them for ya. How’s that? I want to do an international give away where people pay for shipping if they want a vintage/style pattern. I already tried to do it for U.S. only, but did not have the traffic.

    You picks are just yummy! You can do this, all in good time! ๐Ÿ™‚


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