My February 2018 Plans

My sewing plans for the month of February includes redrafting and hacking a few commercial patterns, and making a few vintage pieces and lingerie for Valentine’s Day. I know! It is a pretty tall order, especially since the Valentine’s Day makes need to be done by the 14th. With any luck, I will start many of these projects tomorrow, January 30th. That will give me roughly two weeks to get the Valentine’s Day sewing projects completed.

I purchased the fabric below at a local thrift shop here in Racine, Wisconsin. It is a 100% wool plaid fabric. It only cost me $1.00! However, it is only a little over a half of a yard. I still think this is a great deal considering the price of wool and wool like fabrics these days.

My plan for this piece is to make either a vintage style millinery or box hat or use it as a lining on the collar of a button up vintage jacket; my decision isn’t set in stone though.

vogue millnery hat pattern 5365vogue millnery hat pattern

The pattern I would like to use for the hat is the vintage Vogue patterns 9619 or 5365. I haven’t made a decision about which jacket pattern I would use for this project.

I would also like to make a Jackie O style jacket and skirt suit and a nice button down sheath dress with a scalloped neck. I would like to use the vintage Simplicity patterns 1685, 3129, or 4854 for these projects.

I’m not entirely sure whether I am going to use a modern pattern or a vintage pattern for the Valentine’s Day makes. I had my heart set on making the Burda 7137 pattern as seen below. I really want to make view C, the read dress with the Peter Pan collar. Although this pattern is not an original vintage pattern, the style is still very much from the mid 20th century. I also have a satin back burgundy crepe fabric, similar to the one seen in this image; I would like to use that. For the collar, I am going to use a white and black small polka dot polyester fabric. Burda 7137 Shift Dress

I am very excited to start on my vintage sewing plans for 2018. I have a few more sewing projects scheduled in February. I will share these project plans with you when the time comes. Stay tuned for an update on my progress. I will be sure to post my vintage sewing makes within the subcategories listed on the dropdown menus above. I look forward to hearing from you!
Best Wishes, Tea

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